12 Inches SATA 3Gbps Internal Data UV Green Cable

  • Connects SATA drive to motherboard or PCI card
  • Glows brightly under UV light
  • Supports up to 3Gbps transfer rate
  • Available Lengths: 12 & 24 Inches

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    • Weight: 0.05lbs

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    Connects any SATA drive to any motherboard or PCI card with SATA interface. This thin & flexible cable will free much needed space within the CPU, improve airflow and reduce overheating. It is UV reactive and will glow brightly when placed near UV cathode light. Supports up to 3Gbps transfer rate and is backwards compatible with 1.5Gbps. (Connectors: Type L 7Pin to 7Pin; Length: 12 Inches; Color: UV Green)