60 Inches Ultra160 SCSI Five Drives PVC Twisted Pairs Ribbon Cable plus a Terminator Connector

  • Connect five UltraSCSI HPDB68 CD/DVD or hard drive
  • Twisted-pair with double-sided lamination
  • Extra connector for a terminator

Price: $14.90
MSRP: Retail: $37.00
You Save: $22.10 (59.7%)
    • Weight: 0.38lbs


    Connects up to five UltraSCSI HPDB68 (MicroD68) LVD/SE CD/DVD or hard drives and supports speed up to 160MBps. This cable has twisted-pair PVC coated wiring to support maximum speed with double-sided lamination to keep cabling integrity and an extra connector for a terminator which eliminates the need for expensive pass-thru type terminator. (Connectors: 7 HPDB68 Male - 0, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 60 Inches)