18 Inches SATA 3Gbps Internal Data Neon EL Red Cable

  • Connects SATA drive to motherboard or PCI card
  • Built-in xneon lightwire EL
  • Supports up to 3Gbps transfer rate
  • Available Lengths: 18 & 24 Inches

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    • Weight: 0.19lbs

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    Connects any SATA drive to any motherboard or PCI card with SATA interface. This thin & flexible cable will free much needed space within the CPU, improve airflow and reduce overheating. Its built-in xneon lightwire EL cabling provides the best light effect for cables. Supports up to 3Gbps transfer rate and is backwards compatible with 1.5Gbps. (Connectors: Type L 7Pin to 7Pin; Length: 18 Inches; Color: EL Red)