50-Meter Digital A/V HDTV/HDCP HDMI EQ Extender

  • Extends HDTV signal to 50-Meter
  • Supports 1080p & PCs 1900x1200
  • Restores HDMI eye pattern
  • Works with flat panel, plasma screen, projector, HDTV/HDCP, set-top box
  • Must place near output device

Price: $82.00
MSRP: Retail: $199.00
You Save: $117.00 (58.8%)
    • Weight: 0.85lbs


    Extends HDTV/HDCP signal up to 50-Meter. This extender restores the HDMI eye pattern using its built-in equalizer to ensure clear & sharp images and must be placed near the output device. Supports HDTV 480i/720p/768p/1080i/1080p & PC UXGA/1900x1200 and works with flat panel, plasma screen, projector, switch, splitter, computer video display, HDTV/HDCP, set-top box, DTV and DVD. Also compatible with DVI using HDMI to DVI adaptor. Includes power adaptor. Required Cables: HDMI UltraHigh Performance Male to Male Cables. (Connectors: 2 HDMI Female, Single Link)