500ft Premium 3+8 VGA Tri-Shield Bulk Plenum PVDF Beige Cable

  • Supports all VGA applications & monitors
  • Triple shielding
  • Plenum grade
  • Length: 500ft

Price: $595.00
MSRP: Retail: $1,489.00
You Save: $894.00 (60.0%)
    • Weight: 43.40lbs


    Supports all VGA applications and monitors including analog flat panel display, high resolution desktop, CAD and graphic workstations. This premium Plenum with PVDF cable has triple shielding for maximum graphics performance, prevents signal loss, screen ghosting & loss of color and works up to 200ft without a signal booster. Plenum grade to meet NEC fire code requirement. This cable has matched impedance. (Conductors: 3Coax+8; Length: 500ft; Color: Beige)