10ft Premium Parallel IEEE1284 Cen36 Male to Female Bi-directional Extension Cable

  • Connects Centronics36 male port device such as switch or storage drive
  • Extends any Centronics36 cable
  • Supports Parallel, Serial or SCSI
  • Double shielding, 18 Twisted Pairs

Price: $4.50
MSRP: Retail: $10.95
You Save: $6.45 (58.9%)
    • Weight: 0.86lbs


    Extends any Centronics36 cable or connects any Centronics36 male port device such as switches or storage drives. This multi-purpose premium cable has double shielding, with 18 Twisted Pairs to support maximum speed of any parallel, serial or SCSI applications. This cable has matched impedance, PVC jacket, molded ends with thumbscrews and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector for complete end to end shielding. (Connectors: Cen36 Male to Female; Length: 10ft)