75ft High Performance UltraThin VGA/XGA HDTV/HD15 Tri-Shield Fully-Wired Cable with Panel-Mountable Connectors

  • Connects VGA video to computer
  • Supports all monitors
  • Interchangeable mounting
  • Tri-Shield & fully-wired cable
  • Works with PC/HDTV applications
  • Available Lengths: 1ft to 200ft

Price: $69.00
MSRP: Retail: $79.95
You Save: $10.95 (13.7%)
    • Weight: 3.82lbs


    Connects any VGA/XGA video to any computer, switch or splitter with HD15 female port. Supports all monitors including LCD/LED display, projector, CAD, graphic workstations and HDTV with PC/VGA port. It is fully-wired for maximum compatibility with both PC and HDTV applications. UltraThin diameter provides space-saving design and flexibility not found on regular VGA cables. Interchangeable mounting allows you to replace the thumbscrews with included stand-off screws and can be mounted on a face plate or wall plate. Perfect for use where in-wall cabling and wall-plates are used. (Connectors: HD15 Male to Male; Length: 75ft)