75ft Premium VGA HD15 Male to Female Tri-Shield Extension Assembled Cable

  • Extends VGA cable
  • Tri-Shield with Zinc die cast hoods
  • Removable hood pull through conduits, re-assembled on other end
  • Available Lengths: 35ft to 100ft

Price: $22.95
MSRP: Retail: $67.00
You Save: $44.05 (65.7%)
    • Weight: 5.80lbs

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    Extends any VGA cable. Supports all VGA monitors including analog flat panel display, CAD, graphic workstations and HDTV with PC/VGA port. This premium cable has triple shielding for maximum graphics performance, prevents signal loss, screen ghosting & loss of color and works up to 200ft without a signal booster. It has zinc die cast hoods for ease of in-wall cabling installation and offers maximum protection against harmful EMI/RFI interference. The hood can be removed to pull through conduits then re-assembled at the other end. Pin #9 is removed for universal VGA compatibility. (Connectors: HD15 Male to Female; Length: 75ft)