Premium 3-in-1 Laser Pointer & LED Flashlight with Stylus for Tablets & Smartphones

  • Stylus + Laser Pointer + Flashlight
  • Ideal device for presentations
  • Easy to use side button activation
  • Electronic conductive fabric stylus tip glides with ease
  • Better precision when using drawing or hand writing applications
  • Works with capacitive touch device

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MSRP: Retail: $12.95
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    • Weight: 0.10lbs

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    Three tools in one - stylus, laser pointer and LED flashlight. The soft and durable capacitive fabric tip makes it easy to take notes, draw, play games, or simply turn a page, leaving no smudges or finger prints on device screen while providing typing comfort, accuracy and efficiency. The built-in red laser offers a fine focus to make your point during presentation. The flashlight is bright enough to light up a completely dark room, and a sculpted clip keeps it handy for easy storage and transport. The capacitive fabric tip of the stylus works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy Tab or any capacitive touch devices. With an elegant finish and a professional design, it is the perfect tool for any executive. 3 G3A batteries are included. (REV 2; Color: Silver)