Q-Stick Touch Mini-Stylus and Screen Protector Combo Kit for iPhone 4/4S

  • Mini-stylus + screen protector
  • Capacitive tip glides with ease
  • Works with capacitive touch device
  • Maximized for space & easy to carry
  • Built-in lanyard & dust protection for 3.5mm port when attached
  • Available Color: Pink, White

Price: $1.90
MSRP: Retail: $4.75
You Save: $2.85 (60.0%)
    • Weight: 0.06lbs

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    Perfect accessories for your iPhone 4/4S. This on-the-go mini-stylus is the perfect solution for people who want an effortless, precise and enjoyable experience but easy to carry. Its soft & smooth silicone tip glides with ease compared to sponge-type stylus. Built-in 3.5mm lanyard and dust protection to 3.5mm port when attached. The ultra clear screen protector protects iPhone screen against scratches, dust & ultra-violet rays, and re-usable. Its ultra slim profile maintains screen sensitivity and includes micro-fiber cloth for cleaning the screen before applying the screen protector.