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Handyman Digital Basic Volt Meter CA216V1 037229312355 Toolkit
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    This low cost, pocket size meter is ideal for basic computer repairs and DIY users. It has 3.5 Inches LCD with a maximum reading of 1999, diode testers, low battery indicator & overload protection. Includes test leads. (Specifications: DCV:0-200m+-0.25%-2-20-200-1kV+-0.5% / ACV:0-200V-750V+-1.2% / DCA:0-200u-2m-20m+-1.0%-200mA+-1.2%-10A+-2.0% / R:0-200-2k-20k-200k+-0.8%-2Mohm+-1.0% / hFE measurement / Batt:1.5V AA, 9V)