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VGA Video Pattern Generator VPG-V 037229007404 Video Pattern Generator, VGA/WXGA, 162MHz with 38 different supported resolutions and 34 different patterns, HD15 Female PG-VGA PG-V1  CB4725 VPGV VPG-V      3921 IMCE microcenter  Rejected
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Price: $246.35
Availability: Discontinued
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    A portable way to test and evaluate VGA displays/panels and easily troubleshoots any calibration issues. It uses 38 timings from 640x350 to 1600x1200, and 34 video test patterns that quickly determine color performance and linearity. Supports H/V (TTL) & SOG type, 162 MHz frequency, with easy-to-use push-button OSD menu control thru 16x2 LCD screen, and built-in rechargeable battery that allows up to 8 hours continuous usage. Ideal for installer/integrator to save time and solve problems with...