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180-Meter VGA/QXGA EQ Video Extender VGA-EQ 037229007312 VGA EQ 180 Meters Extender, Supports SXGA at 180M and QXGA at 150M. VGA-EQ   VGAEQ VGA-EQ    meters  3918
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    Extends VGA video signal up to 180-Meter. Using regular copper cables, the extender actively regenerates the signal and support 1024x768 (XGA) at 180-Meter and 2048x1536 (QXGA) at 61-Meter. Works with flat panel, plasma screen, projector, switch, splitter, computer video display with VGA port. Includes power adaptor. Recommended Cables: CC388M1 Series. (Connectors: 2 HD15 Female)