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4Port VGA/QXGA with Stereo Audio CAT5e/RJ45 Extender System Transmitter Module with Local Port VAC5-EX4 037229007251 VGA/SXGA with Stereo Audio CAT5e Extender System, Video Signal Splitter/Distribution Amplifier, 4Port Transmitter Module, HD15/3.5mm/RJ45 Female Connectors AV-E4  Y68297 VAC5EX4 VAC5-EX4      3906 IMCE
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Item #: VAC5-EX4 -

    Extends video signal up to 300-Meter (984ft) using the VGA Extender System and CAT5e/RJ45 cable. This transmitter or local module provides 4 VGA/Audio distribution amplifier port over CAT5 plus local port that allows connection of another monitor near the computer. Supports 96KHz audio sampling rate and maximum video resolution of 2048x1536/60Hz for up to 50-Meter, 1280x1024/60Hz for up to 100-Meter, 1024x768/60Hz for up to 180-Meter, 800x600/60Hz for up to 200-Meter, & 640x480/60Hz for up to...