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DC 9v 600mA IEEE1284 Autoswitch Power Adaptor TR1284-MK 037229725179 Power Adaptor, DC9v 600mA (F), For MSV12C & MSV14C and MK21FBPP, MK41FBPP, MK22FBPP, MK42FBPP & HP J4153A/J4154A IEEE1284 Autoswitches TR009-AT     TR1284MK TR1284-MK adapters adaptors     3857
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    AC power adaptor. Save money and avoid the inconvenience of replacing batteries. Also works as optional power adaptor for MSV12C, MSV14C, MK21FBP, MK22FBP, MK41FBP & MK22FBP IEEE1284 autoswitches. (Specification: DC 9v 600mA - 5x2.1mm Female)