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80 Inches Ultra320SCSI LVD Seven Drives Gray Round Internal Cable plus a Terminator Connector SCU160R-7T 037229113648 Cable, Premium UltraSCSI LVD Up to 160/320MBps Round Twisted Pair Internal Ribbon Cable with Extra Connector for Terminator, Beige, Up to Seven Drives,   (9) HPDB68, 80"" SCU160R7T SCU160R-7T  cables    3821
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    Connects up to seven UltraSCSI HPDB68 (MicroD68) LVD/SE CD/DVD or hard drives and supports speed up to 320MBps. This improved-airflow cable has twisted pair wiring, PVC jacket and an extra connector for a terminator which eliminates the need for expensive pass-thru type terminator. It allows you to connect your SCSI devices with minimal clutter and recommended for high performance PC and high-density rack mount servers. In addition to being coated with flexible material for better wiring...