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Premium World Power Travel Adaptor Kit with Surge Protection PA-C3 037229334210 All-in-1 Global/World Travel Power Adaptor with Surge Protection for US, UK, Europe, Asia and more PA-C1  931L 90852 NZ7282 PAC3 PA-C3 adapters adaptors     3974 IMCE microcenter Zachary Sheets Approved
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    This compact and easy to carry universal travel power adaptor provides world-wide compatibility with surge protection. This all-in-one adaptor works in over 180 countries/territories. Features safety shutter to prevent accidental contact, status LED lights, and short-circuit protection. Includes travel pouch. Provides 42 Joules and clamping voltage of 775v. CE and RoHS compliant. Note: Make sure the power supply being used supports the countries voltage rating. (Connectors: US/AU, UK, EU /...