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Two Computers Share One Parallel IEEE1284 Printer Reversible Autoswitch MK21FBPP 037229540307 Autoswitch, IEEE1284 Parallel, 2 PC Sharing 1 Parallel Printer or Device, Reversible & Includes Power Adaptor, Premium Compact (HP J4153A) MK21FBP + TR1284-MK   595256  MK21FBPP MK21FBPP adapters adaptors     3611  microcenter  Discontinued
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    If used for two computers to share a parallel printer, it is plug and play with no software to install. If used for one computer to access two printers, the bundled software creates Virtual Parallel Ports to provide fully automatic switching between printers. It has built-in microprocessor for high speed bi-directional communications. Provides push button & hot key for printer selection. This switch supports all parallel printers including high speed IEEE1284, Bi-tronics & centronics as well...