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Premium Fabric Tip Stylus for Tablets & Smartphones IS-BK 037229000665 Q-Stick Fabric/cloth-type capacitive touch stylus for iPhone/iPod/iPad and HTC/BlackBerry Storm cell phones, Black IS2-BK   32821 KV6445 ISBK IS-BK      2069 IMCE microcenter Nick Sciarini Approved
Retail: $5.95
Price: $4.46
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: IS-BK -

    This Q-Stick stylus is the perfect solution for people who want an effortless, precise and enjoyable experience but easy to carry with PDA, iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad/2/3, tablets including Kindle Fire & Samsung Galaxy, and smartphones including BlackBerry/HTC/Samsung, etc. Capacitive fabric tip glides effortlessly and depresses with ease. Helps with accurately clicking on links or smaller icons. Better precision when using drawing or hand writing applications. Lanyard loop allows quick access...