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36 Inches IDE ATA/133 Dual Drives Blue Round Internal Cable IDEU-2CBL 037229111460 Cable, Premium Ultra IDE/EIDE/PATA ATA33/66/100/133 Round Internal w/80 Wires, 2 Drives, Blue, 36" 488643  IDEU2CBL IDEU-2CBL  cables    3560  microcenter  Discontinued
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    Connect two IDE CD/DVD or hard drives and supports speed up to 133MBps. This premium improved-airflow round internal cable has 40 twisted pairs and PVC jacket. It allows you to connect your IDE devices with minimal clutter and recommended for high performance PC and high-density rack mount servers. In addition to being coated with flexible material for better wiring protection, these cables reduce heat and save space within the CPU, and makes it easy to add or remove hard drives & add-on...