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10 Inches IDE ATA/133 Single Drive Blue Round Internal Bulk Cable IDEU-1BL10B 037229113150 Cable, Premium Ultra IDE/EIDE/PATA ATA33/66/100/133 Round Internal w/80 Wires, 1 Drive, Blue, 10", Bulk IDEU1BL10B IDEU-1BL10B  cables    3510
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    Connects one IDE CD/DVD or hard drive and supports speed up to 133MBps. This premium improved-airflow round internal cable has 40 twisted pairs, PVC jacket and allows you to connect your IDE devices with minimal clutter and recommended for high performance PC and high-density rack mount servers. It is coated with flexible material for better wiring protection, reduces heat & saves space within the CPU, and make it easy to add or remove hard drives & add-on cards. The 10 Inches length is ideal...