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UltraSCSI HPDB68 (MicroD68) Passive Pass-Thru Internal Terminator I68MF-PT 037229939842 Terminator - Internal, Pass Thru Type, SCSI III, Passive, HPDB68M/F 977496  I68MFPT I68MF-PT      3485  microcenter Eshelman Discontinued
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    UltraSCSI HPDB68 (MicroD68) male/female passive internal terminator. Pass-Thru terminators allow you to terminate a SCSI chain that has no connector for termination. It should be placed just before the last SCSI device. Passive terminator sits on the bus to minimize reflections at the end of the cable and simply provides an impedance that is close to the impedance of the cable. (Connectors: HPDB68 Male/Female)