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DVI-D Male to DVI-I Female DualLink HDTV/HDCP Adaptor HSDVI-MF 037229489170 Adaptor, DVI-D Male to DVI-I Female Dual-Link Coupler, HDTV/HDCP compliant, DVI M/F 186999  HSDVIMF HSDVI-MF adapters adaptors     3478  microcenter Edward Matthews Approved
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Item #: HSDVI-MF -

    Connects any DVI-I cable or port with male connector to DVI-D female. It can also be used as PortSaver to protect the wear and tear of DVI port and supports Dual-Link DVI digital video signals. It is RoHS Green Certified and production process that uses laser and precise machine soldering to ensure quality. (Connectors: DVI-D DualLink Male to DVI-I Female)