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400-Meter FullHD HDMI/HDCP 720p/1080p Over LAN Extender Kit HDE-R 037229007923 HDMI v1.3 over CAT5e/CAT6/LAN/Ethernet 100M Extender, HDE-K RX receiver add-on module PB900  DE6059 HDER HDE-R      1982 IMCE
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    Extends HDMI with HDCP signal up to 400-Meter (1312ft) using a CAT5/RJ45 cable. This extender supports 1080p/60Hz for up to 400-Meter over LAN. FullHD HDMI 1.3 compliant. Use with HDE-K and HUB/Switch for multiple displays. Includes receiver, IR receiver, HDMI cable & power adaptor. Requires: HDE-K and CAT5e/6 Cables. (Local Connectors: HDMI/RJ45 Female to Remote Connectors: HDMI/RJ45 Female)