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HDMI/DVI HDTV/HDCP to VGA/RGB 720p/1080p Break-Out Converter HCV-VA 037229007763 Converter, HDMI v1.2a/DVI v1.1 1080p with HDCP to VGA/HD15/RGB Component Video with 3.5mm Stereo Analog & RCA/SPDIF Digital Audio Breakout Adaptor MDVGA-AL  CV-509  VN6253 HCVVA HCV-VA adapters adaptors     3395 IMCE microcenter Edward Matthews Pending
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    Converts and break-out HDMI source into separate VGA/RGB component video and digital/stereo audio. It provides DVI video input port, and EDID learning capability from either HDMI or DVI source. It is HDMI v1.2a & DVI 1.1 compliant and supports input/output video signals up to 1080p and resolution up to 1920x1200 plus stereo & RCA S/PDIF digital multi-channel audio. Works with HD DVD player, PS3, camcorder, HDTV, flat screen, or set-top box and any video display/source with HDMI or DVI port....