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8ft IBM Token Ring to 10/100BaseT Ethernet Adaptor Cable CTRC5-08 037229375015 Cable, Token Ring Adaptor Cable, 10/100BaseT to Token Ring, Up to 50M, RJ45/Data Connector M/M (Without Balun), 8ft CTRC508 CTRC5-08 adapters adaptors cables feet foot   3268
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Item #: CTRC5-08 -

    Connects any Token Ring device to 10/100BaseT Ethernet network with impedance matching data connector. This adaptor cable allows transmission up to 50-Meter. Pin-out: 1-Red(4) / 2-Green(3) / 3-Orange(2) / 6-Black(1). (Connectors: Data Connector Male to RJ45 Male; Length: 8ft)