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6 Inches Replacement RJ45 Female Cable/Dongle for Xircom 10/100BaseT PCMCIA Network Card CPN-XM100T 037229542325 Adaptor, Replacement RJ45 Female Dongle for Xircom 10/100BaseT Laptop/PCMCIA Network Card, 6" 528372  CPNXM100T CPN-XM100T adapters adaptors     3240  microcenter Eshelman (Carrico) Discontinued
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Availability: Discontinued
Item #: CPN-XM100T -

    Replacement RJ45 dongle for 10/100BaseT network card. It is compatible with the following Xircom PCMCIA NIC models: CBE-10/100BTX, CBEM-56G, CEM56-10/100BTX, CEM56-10/100, CEM56-100BTX, CEM56-100MD, CE3-10/100, CE3-100BTX, CE3B-100BTX. It also works with Compaq (MicroCom 550, Net56 10/100) and Intel (Ether Pro 10/100 MBLA1600 or MBLA3200 Rev. 001) cards. (Connectors: PCMCIA to RJ45 Female; Length: 6 Inches)