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6ft Replacement Cable/Dongle for 4Pin PCMCIA Modem Card CPM-4PIN 037229542349 Cable, Replacement RJ11 Male with 4Pin Dongle for Laptop/PCMCIA Modem Card, 6ft 134932  CPM4PIN CPM-4PIN  cables feet foot   3236  microcenter Carrico Discontinued
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    Replacement cable/dongle for PCMCIA modem card. It is compatible with the following 3Com/USR/MHz (Sportster 1336, Sportster 1626, 3013 WinModem, 3CCEM556C, 3CCEM556B, 3CCEM556T, 3CCM156, 3CCM156B, 3CCM356, 3CCM556, 3CCM656, 3CCM756, CC1288, CC1366, CC1560, CC1560I, CC2560, CC3288, CC4288, CC4336, CC5560, CC6144, CC6288, CCEM3288C, CCEM3288T, CCEM3336T, CM1561B-US, EM1144T); Actiontec/Generic (BFM3360-CF, BFM5600-CF, BFM5600-L, BFM5600L-F2, BFM5602-LF, BFM5605-LF, FM144D, FM288C, FM288LK,...