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Telco RJ12 Y Socket Splitter CC938 037229938005 Telco RJ12 Y/T Coupler, R12M/(2)F Socket Splitter, for RJ11 and RJ12 phone applications 936633  CC938 CC938      3204  microcenter Michael Weiler Approved
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    Connect two RJ12 patch cords to single RJ12 port. This adapter is perfect for adding an extra phone jack for a fax machine or modem. Ideal for telephone monitoring systems and test applications for a simple method to use an existing system jack. Each adapter features a compact plastic design with one plug and up to two jacks. If you have two devices but only one jack this splitter adapter will help get you connected. It supports any RJ12 telco application. (REV 2; Connectors: RJ12 Male to Two...