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SCSI Ultra320 HPDB68/VHDCen68 LVD/SE Pass-Thru Internal Terminator with VHDCen68 (.8mm VHDCI) External Port CC624IIE 037229110975 Terminator - Dual Internal with External Pass-Thru Port, SCSI Ultra160/320 LVD/SE, HPDB68F/VHDCen68F(Int)/VHDCen68F(Ext) CC624IIE CC624IIE      2923
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    SCSI HPDB68 (MicroD68)/VHDCen68 (68Pin .8mm VHDCI) female to VHDCen68 female internal pass-thru terminator for UltraSCSI LVD/SE device. Pass-Thru terminators allow you to terminate a SCSI chain that has no connector for termination. It should be placed on the last SCSI cable connector. This terminator supports Ultra320 devices. This adaptor is mounted on a metal slot bracket with a VHDCen68 female connector. It allows you to utilize your internal SCSI controller for external drives eliminating...