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6 Inches 3.5mm Audio Splitter Cable CC400FMY 037229399042 Adaptor, Multimedia, "Y" Mini-Stereo Speaker - 3.5mm F/(2) M, 6" 264911 TW8108 CC400FMY CC400FMY adapters adaptors     2785 IMCE microcenter Edward Matthews Approved
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    This 3.5mm stereo splitter adaptor allows you to connect two audio source such as MP3 & smartphone and other device with 3.5mm port to one set of speaker or headphone. It can also be used to split audio to two set of speakers. It has molded and Red & Black color-coded connectors. Note: This cable is not intended to be used with both audio source on at the same time. This can cause damage to equipment. RoHS compliant. (Rev 4; Connectors: 3.5mm Female to 2 Male; Length: 6 Inches)