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6ft SCSI HPDB50 (MicroD50) Male to Centronics50 Male/Female Daisy-Chain External Cable CC398D-06 037229498066 Cable, SCSI II to Cen50 Daisy Chain, HPDB50M/Cen50M/F, 25 Twisted Pairs, 6ft CC398D06 CC398D-06  cables feet foot   2764
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Item #: CC398D-06 -

    Connects one Centronics50 device to HPDB50 (MicroD50) SCSI and still have an extra female port for daisy-chain or terminator. This premium cable is double shielded with 25 TwistedPairs wiring to support maximum speed. It has matched impedance, PVC jacket and molded ends with inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector for complete end to end shielding. (Connectors: HPDB50 Male to Cen50 Male/Female; Length: 6ft)