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IEEE1394 FireWire800/i.Link Bilingual 9Pin Male to 6Pin Female Digital Audio/Video Adaptor CC1394F6-MF 037229138009 Adaptor, IEEE1394b FireWire 9Pin Male to 6Pin Female Digital Audio/Video, 9pin F/6Pin M 378604 PY7710 CC1394F6MF CC1394F6-MF adapters adaptors     2351 IMCE microcenter Edward Matthews Approved
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Item #: CC1394F6-MF -

    Converts any Firewire800 port such as digital processor or a notebook PC with 9pin port to FireWire400 6pin female port. It is IEEE1394 compliant and supports speeds up to 400Mbps. (Connectors: 9Pin Male to 6Pin Female; Color: Black)