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4Port HD15/VGA Video Premium Manual Switch CA262-4RS 037229325591 Dataswitch - SureGrip with Suction, ABCD, PC/AT Video VGA/SVGA Monitor/Keyboard with Keyboard Reset, HD15F/Din5F, 5 Year Warranty CA298-4S   44420  CA2624RS CA262-4RS      2243  microcenter  Discontinued
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    Four PC share one VGA/SXGA monitor/projector or one PC connects to four video devices. This video switch has built-in 5-Pin DIN connector for sharing devices like AT Keyboard or MIDI but usage is optional. It is guaranteed up to 10,000 switching cycles, has SureGrip with suction to provide stability during switching, metal case, heavy duty sealed rotary switch to prevent dust and moisture, gold-plated contacts and 5 Year Warranty. (Connectors: 5 HD15/Din5 Female)