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23pcs Computer Maintenance Tool Kit with Precision Screwdrivers CA215P 037229002171 Toolkit, Computer 23pcs Basic Maintenance Kit with Precision Screw Drivers CA215L  HZ-23 407676 RC3287 CA215P CA215P      2110 IMCE microcenter Michael Weiler Approved
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    This toolkit is ideal for electronics and computer maintenance. It has 23 tools including 6pcs precision screwdrivers, 11pcs of screw bits & 1pc rachet bit adaptor, IC inserter/extractor clipper, 3-prong parts retrieval claw, compress & expand tweezer, reversible rachet driver & transparent spare parts storage tube. All tools are demagnetized for safe computer use. It comes in rugged padded vinyl carrying case. (Case Dimension: 240mm x 195mm x 45mm; Case Color: Black)