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4U Wallmount Hinged Patch Panel Bracket C5BRK4 037229715163 Category 5 - 4U 19" Patch Panel Wall Mount Bracket Kit, Accommodates (4) 12/24, (2) 48 or (1) 96Ports (7"x19") JE313/4 540252  C5BRK4 C5BRK4      2176  microcenter Michael Weiler Approved
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    This bracket kit allows you to mount any standard 19 Inches rack or patch panel to the wall. It has durable steel construction and universal hinged brackets that allow easy access to the cable side of a patch panel for circuit tracing or wiring termination and left or right opening. Accommodates up to four 12 or 24port; two 48port; or one 96port patch panel. (Dimensions: L=19 | H=7 | D=5.8 Inches)