70-Meter 1080i/p HDTV/HDCP DVI EQ AV Extender MHDCP-EQD2 037229490725 DVI Digital Video EQ 260ft Active Repeater/Signal Extender with HDMI/HDCP/HDTV Support, Single Link DVI-D F/F HD-R45  QC7485 MHDCPEQD2 MHDCP-EQD2   feet foot   3604 IMCE

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HDCP Certified 100ft Digital Video/HDTV Repeater/Extender MHDCP-RPTR 037229006674 DVI Active Repeater/Signal Extender with HDTV/HDCP Support, 165MHz 1600x1200 60Hz Max Resolution, Single Link DVI-I Connectors MDVI-RPTR  DVR-111   MHDCPRPTR MHDCP-RPTR      3609

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